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Papi's Coffee

Papi is the quintessential connoisseur of fine food, wine, beer, and coffee. I remember taking family vacations all over my homeland to different coffee farms tucked away in the jungles of Costa Rica, meeting different farmers, and learning about how much passion, love, and labor goes in to harvesting such a magical bean. 

It wasn't until recently that Papi finally found the perfect roast and felt satisfied with his search for the most exquisite cup of coffee. We are honored to share his lifetime discovery with you and exclusively provide Papi's Coffee at Melania's Gourmet. 

Available in his 3 unique blends, guaranteed to satisfy whatever the mood may need. 

Light Roast

Papi's favorite blend of sweet and tangy. 
Cherry, Chocolate, Lemon

Dark Roast

Papi's perfect blend for that particular punch.
Toasted Nut, Chocolate, Toffee


Exotic Roast

Papi's super secret blend when he wants to impress his guests.
Caramel, Passion Fruit, Honey